Ricoh Theta

When Ricoh Imaging conducted a focus group in support of their newest offering in the 360 degree photography market, the new Ricoh Theta, participants were offered one of two things for their timeā€¦ $150.00 or their very own Ricoh Theta. A man named Jake was the only participant that day to choose the new technology, so when it came time to officially announce the release of the Theta, we shared a peek into "Jakes World".

Agency: SG360
Production: MilkBox NY
Theta S
On the heels of the original Ricoh Theta release was the development of a more advanced version, the Theta S. With superior image quality and video capabilities this next-level Theta was dressed in black so as to stand-out next to it's colorful siblings.

To announce this new release we were tasked with evolving the previous "Your world isn't flat." campaign with an idea that could live in the same space but speak more directly to the functionality of the device. "Share your youniverse" speaks directly to the social share functionality of the camera while at the same time illuminating the centered perspective of you, it's user.
Banner Ads
Internally coined the "ultimate selfie" copy spoke directly to that phenomenon. Primarily a digital buy, banners would run on photography enthusiasts sites, as well as some youth culture properties, driving traffic to
Email creative would focus on the user community, showcasing the work of artists who were early adopters of the technology.
This mobile trailer could be brought to festivals and concerts allowing people to experience the Theta S first-hand. Users would enter from the rear of the trailer and arrive at a square box in the center that would display controlled imagery to capture and share. Once complete they would continue forward exiting through the front side panel.